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twelve (12) months and your data will be processed as disclosed in this privacy policy. After twelve Jamie: your earlier comment accused Andrew of rhetorical tricks. -digging up old papers from Germany /USSR To Open Access activists like Elbakyan and Suber, since most research is publicly funded, paywall journals have essentially made most science a twice-paid product, bought first by taxpayers and secondly by scientists. 17. * Because scihub is one of the most used website on my navigator. • Horror [Review] https:// • Popcorn Time

• Showbiz • April 2013 Despite these gains, access to scholarly literature remains a pressing global issue. Foremost, widespread subscription access remains restricted to institutions, such as universities or medical centers. Smaller institutions or those in the developing world often have poor access to scholarly literature ( Meadows, 2015; Kirsop and Chan, 2005; Bendezú-Quispe et al., 2016). As a result, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population has been able to access much of the scholarly literature, despite the fact that the underlying research was often publicly or philanthropically funded. Compounding the problem is that publications have historically been the primary, if not sole, output of scholarship. Although copyright does not apply to ideas, journals leverage the copyright covering an article’s prose, figures, and typesetting to effectively paywall its knowledge. For her actions in creating Sci-Hub, Elbakyan has been called a hero and "spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz" who in 2010 downloaded millions of academic articles from JSTOR. [9] [66] She has also been compared to Edward Snowden who has sought safety in Russia after having made numerous documents public in violation of American law. [66] She has also been called a modern-day " Robin Hood" and a "Robin Hood of science". [67] • ER (1995) Download rate for articles on Sci-Hub [49] • Bosch S, Henderson K. New World, Same Model | Periodicals Price Survey 2017. [February 7, 2018]; Library Journal. 2017 • Hook (1991) Source: have research publications, always happy when someone reaches out • Title: Presses universitaires de Rennes Briefly: downloads: total number of times the article was accessed The Handmaid’s Tale season three is now available to stream on Hulu. Science & Health

• CS1 Russian-language sources (ru) – Supprimez les anciens DNS si vous ne comptez plus vous en servir Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when The Sci-Hub data provide the first detailed view of what is becoming the world’s de facto open-access research library. Among the revelations that may surprise both fans and foes alike: Sci-Hub users are not limited to the developing world. Some critics of Sci-Hub have complained that many users can access the same papers through their libraries but turn to Sci-Hub instead—for convenience rather than necessity. The data provide some support for that claim. The United States is the fifth largest downloader after Russia, and a quarter of the Sci-Hub requests for papers came from the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the wealthiest nations with, supposedly, the best journal access. In fact, some of the most intense use of Sci-Hub appears to be happening on the campuses of U.S. and European universities. A Created by Alexandra Elbakyan, the Sci-Hub website goes live on September 5, 2011. • Immune Checkpoint • Свободный контент Français

"Hello, I'm James Halliday" • - tifu • 1.1.3 Russia • her past and the world in which she lives, often narrating through • Zorba the Greek Essay Topics Format: Hardback The Handmaid's Tale • Commander Wells • Iowa Real Estate Licensing: Types & Requirements

“I do not endorse illegal means for providing Open Access,” says Harvard’s Peter Suber. “For most of Sci-Hub’s existence, I went out of my way to dissociate myself from it because it gave Open Access a bad name.” However, Suber says, Sci-Hub isn’t going anywhere. Elbakyan agrees. She has spare domains. She’s backed up her repository of articles. According to her, even if ACS pressures search engines to black out search results, it won’t matter: only 25 percent of Sci-Hub referrals come via search engines anyway. However, it seems that people don’t really know how to use Sci-hub. So here is a simple, visual guide. 1. Go to the Sci-hub website • Astronomy Double trouble Computer Science • Gnutella2 Films written • Business • CS1 Russian-language sources (ru)

► • ^ a b c d Alexandra Elbakyan (2 July 2017). "Some facts on Sci-Hub that Wikipedia gets wrong". Archived from the original on 3 December 2017 . Retrieved 30 April 2018. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Higher education. Alexandra Elbakyan: • Decision letter • Join the Global EdTech Academy – 14 Weeks of Free PD • The Tent (2006) “he looks us over as if taking inventory. One kneeling woman in red, one seated woman in blue, two in green” pg171 May 14, 2020 10:23AM Elisabeth Moss Loading ... The book may surprise readers who wondered, when the sequel was announced, whether Atwood was making a mistake in returning to her earlier work. She has said that “The Testaments” was inspired by readers’ questions about the inner workings of Gilead, and also by “the world we’ve been living in.” But it seems to have another aim as well: to help us see more clearly the kinds of complicity required for constructing a world like the one she had already imagined, and the world we fear our own might become. Morally, there is much to be said about academic monopolization. Too many publications and companies control knowledge, inflating prices to take advantage of already poor students with few other options. This was a legal question, not a moral one, so I will say no more about it, but I would not take action against the student if I were you. • October 2017 We do have evidence of computers having to be wiped after attacks, not in the PDFs you download but are you really telling me they might not do this in future. Do you trust them 100% after seeing all this evidence? One Hundred Years Of Solitude Online Free • (global) • Comparison of BitTorrent clients 188 • Quiz Many academic publishers offer programs to help researchers in poor countries access papers using a share link. movements • Soaps Cover artist • ^ a b c Kravets, David (3 April 2016). "A spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz is angering publishers all over again". Archived from the original on 11 January 2017 . Retrieved 29 August 2016. • A Handful of Dates Discussion Questions Java • Social Responsibility “and so I step up, into the darkness within, or else the light.” • April 2012 Simply copy and paste a link to the paper into • We do believe it was part of a phishing attack. Sci-Hub’s coverage by oaDOI access status. For her actions in creating Sci-Hub, Elbakyan has been called a hero and "spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz" who in 2010 downloaded millions of academic articles from JSTOR. [9] [66] She has also been compared to Edward Snowden who has sought safety in Russia after having made numerous documents public in violation of American law. [66] She has also been called a modern-day " Robin Hood" and a "Robin Hood of science". [67] Comparisons Free Edition What’s Next 103,675 The novel, published in 1986, quickly became window.modules["international-banner-callout.client"] = [function(require,module,exports){"use strict";const visit=require(44);module.exports=(t=>{var e;const i=t.querySelector(".banner-trigger"),s=window.localStorage,a="international-banner-callout",n=t.getAttribute("data-location"),r=t.getAttribute("data-policy");visit.onceReady(function(){!function(){try{e=JSON.parse(s.getItem(a))||{}}catch(t){e={}}}(),e.dismissed||"GB"!==n&&"true"!==r||t.classList.add("show")}),t.addEventListener("click",n=>{("a")||"span.banner-link"))&&(,function(){try{s.setItem(a,JSON.stringify(e))}catch(t){}}(),function(){t.classList.contains("show")?i.setAttribute("aria-expanded","false"):i.setAttribute("aria-expanded","true");t.classList.remove("show")}())})}); Commanders of the Faithful Edit Ответ от него: Stone Generals ( Gato & Mono) | 2/3 • Budget and Financials • 2.6 Aunt Lydia مواقع The fact that the city in the world which downloads the most documents from Sci-Hub is a minor city in Iran suggests that there is more going on here than a few academics without access to scholarly material. Log in Sci-Hub is a website that provides free access to millions of research papers and books, without regard to copyright, [2] by bypassing publishers' paywalls in various ways. [2] [3] [4] Charging a fee isn’t the only business model for Open Access journals, Suber says: 70 percent of peer-review Open Access models don’t do it. Moreover, thanks in large part to pressure by Open Access activists like Suber, many journals allow scientists to deposit a copy of their work in repositories like Arxiv. Elbakyan, on the other hand, wants Open Access fees covered up front in research grants. The tactitian ‘borrows’ the environment for momentary pleasure or practical needs, wresting her constitution from the efficient partitioning that makes her a producer of profit and a reproducer of power structures.... The tactic's decomposition of inside and outside, its ‘in-difference’ provides the basis for its political potential. (Kirby 1996: 105) And unfortunately for Cline, his work reads like a compendium of all the aspects of nerd culture that critics have come see as a breeding ground for Gamergate. How Gamergate killed Ready Player One A scene from Ready Player One Warner Bros. • Technical report • O link do DOI: • • Memoir lovescihub • Math - Questions & Answers • ^ "European countries demand that publicly funded research should be free to all". The Economist. 15 September 2018 . Retrieved 13 September 2018. • • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; 2.7% The next visual is just three pages of 60 I’ve compiled, taken from the Passfans website, showing a wide variety of organizations whose stolen credentials are shared online. This is rife, and it’s a huge problem. This is a sample of the 60 pages the author compiled from the Passfans website that shows the wide variety of organizations whose stolen credentials were shared online. accessing this website. If you have clicked “yes”, your consent will be stored on our servers for • Interlibrary Loan • ^ "USTR" (PDF). • hide Sci-Hub is currently served at domains including,,,,, and, as well as at scihub22266oqcxt.onion — a Tor Hidden Service ( Dingledine et al., 2004). Elbakyan described the project’s technical scope in July 2017 ( Elbakyan, 2017): “Sci-Hub technically is by itself a repository, or a library if you like, and not a search engine for some other repository. But of course, the most important part in Sci-Hub is not a repository, but the script that can download papers closed behind paywalls.” Kate Dennis (for "The Bridge") Open Science retweeted Как я понял смысл вашего предыдущего ответа, если делаешь искренний подарок человеку, имея только благородные намерения, то человека невозможно этим обидеть и уж тем более, даже если этот подарок у него вызвал только негативные эмоции, их легко погасить просто спросив у дарителя (или объяснив одариваемому) про его намерения. • Distinguished Members • Cookie statement • ^ a b c d e Rothstein, Mervyn (17 February 1986). "No Balm in Gilead for Margaret Atwood". The New York Times . Retrieved 25 March 2016. View photo · • ^ Bergmann, Harriet (December 1989). " "Teaching Them to Read": A Fishing Expedition in the Handmaid's Tale". College English. 51 (8): 847–854. doi: 10.2307/378090. JSTOR 378090. away from her. Summary: Chapter 14 We identified 7,312,607 outgoing citations from articles published since 2015. 6,657,410 of the recent citations (91.0%) referenced an article that was in Sci-Hub. However, if only considering the 6,264,257 citations to articles in toll access journals, Sci-Hub covered 96.2% of recent citations. On the other hand, for the 866,115 citations to articles in open access journals, Sci-Hub covered only 62.3%. Sci-Hub access logs • Returns • Lawson S. 2017a. Journal subscription expenditure in the UK 2015-16. Figshare. [ CrossRef] • share Business Edition how to share xpi files with one click install • L Matthias • 3.1 Development and pre-production • Technical Resources • My Library Dashboard • 7.1.2 Unwomen • Open-source architecture • In the Time of the Butterflies Discussion Questions • Beth (portrayed by Kristen Gutoskie) is a Martha at Jezebel's. She has an arrangement with Nick whereby she trades illegal alcohol and other contraband for drugs, which the Jezebels use. She has a casual sexual relationship with him and is aware that he is an Eye. Beth becomes a recurring character in season three as one of the two Martha's working at the Commander Lawrence's household. • D Valladares-Garrido Why have I been blocked? https:// We calculated Sci-Hub’s coverage for each of the 23,037 journals (examples in Table 1). A complete journal coverage table is available in our Sci-Hub Stats Browser: The Browser also provides views for each journal and publisher with detailed coverage and access-log information. Sci Hub 52 • videos • Study Help • Free and open-source software (FOSS) 22,600 • May 2019 Below you will find stimulating discussion questions to use in any academic setting after having read The Handmaid's Tale. Questions About Characters Maximum Ride Dog Bahia Watson • Public domain • Chapter 35 }).call(this,"/services/client/gtm.js")}, {"2":2,"5":5,"29":29,"37":37,"41":41,"44":44,"74":74,"93":93,"128":128,"130":130,"205":205,"237":237}]; • Animated Chinese History for Curious Minds Project View summary · Ну спросите вы у президента о целях подарка, ну ответит он вам. А толку? View conversation · you started using a faulty logic. we were not talking about butterflies, we were talking about a specific species -- parasites, catfisfhes, that have a clear negative meaning, not just my personal dislike. OK? • - users Thématique• • Controversial Topics Существует в логической теории понятие, именуемое “бремя доказывания”, обязанность доказывания. Эта обязанность лежит на том, кто утверждает, а не на том, кто отрицает.Итак, вы уже какой пост утверждаете ровно обратное. Признавать будем? • TACHS: Integers This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. This stark passage comes from the pages of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, when the protagonist’s husband offers to “take care of” the family cat before the couple attempts to escape the clutches of the rising Republic of Gilead, the quasi-religious, totalitarian regime that serves as the novel’s antagonist. • - announcements И вот вы снова изображаете жертву и невинно репрессированного. Моя карма мне не позволяет голосовать ни за посты ни за карму, более того, в процессе нашего диалога мне ее тоже подпортили, так что я вам точно ничего не затыкал, да и захотел бы — не смог. Ваши обвинения мимо. restrictive, male-dominated society cannot bring happiness even • ^ " READY PLAYER ONE (12A)". British Board of Film Classification. March 19, 2018. Archived from the original on March 8, 2018 . Retrieved March 23, 2018. • ^ Nemetz, Dave (October 5, 2018). "Handmaid's Tale Ups Bradley Whitford to Series Regular for Season 3". TVLine . Retrieved October 6, 2018. • permalink • Alexandra Elbakyan • t 29.1% Literary Term For Repetition • • Site Map • A student writes an open letter to administrators on her concerns about reopening campuses in the fa Join Group Accounting / Finance / Funding • 3:33 • Установите плагин по ссылке на официальный сайт FriGate. Нажмите на кнопку, соответствующую вашему браузеру. Professor resigns after criticizing protesters and another faces calls for his termination • PLOS Bruce Springsteen • News & Views To help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. Association of Research Libraries Graph 4: Expenditure Trends in ARL Libraries, 1986-2015. [February 7, 2018];ARL Statistics 2014–2015. 2017 • UK • May • About