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Ilość: szt. • Librarians and science funders are playing hardball to negotiate lower subscription fees to scientific journals. #JIBC offers programs and courses in Leadership, Conflict Resolution & Counselling - #JIBCthenewnormal stunt performer In flashbacks, the rise of Gilead is detailed through June's eyes: June and her female colleagues were fired and the government froze women's bank accounts and ruled they could no longer own property. In the present, Serena takes June to see Janine and the baby, and June fears Janine is delusional. Back home, June is interrogated by an Eye and Aunt Lydia about her knowledge of Ofglen. Aunt Lydia shocks June with a cattle prod for being disrespectful and quoting from the Bible but before Aunt Lydia can hit June again, Serena intervenes, believing June is pregnant. When June later tells Serena that she's not, Serena angrily locks her in her room. In a flashback, June and Moira attend a protest against the new laws which is interrupted by automatic gunfire and explosives. In the present, Ofglen and the Martha she's in a relationship with are charged with "gender treachery". The fertile Ofglen is reassigned but the Martha is hanged. Later, Ofglen (referred to by her "old" name, Emily) awakes to find, to her grief and anger, that she has undergone female genital mutilation surgery, as explained by Aunt Lydia. May 30, 2018 •

... The Sci-Hub website provides access to articles from almost all academic publishers, including Elsevier, Springer/Nature, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, American Chemical Society, Wiley Blackwell, and the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as open-access works, and distributes them without regard to publishers' copyrights. [3] It does not require subscriptions or payment. [44] : 10 Ceux qui ont mon âge se souviendront d’une époque où on envoyait par la poste aux revues un tapuscrit. Comme aujourd’hui, les revues comptaient sur les chercheurs pour l’expertise du contenu. Mais contrairement à aujourd’hui, la revue payaient des gens qui corrigeaient la forme de l’article (remarques stylistiques, orthographiques, mise en page etc). Et elle payait des compositeurs et typographes etc. On recevait des épreuves, qu’il fallait corriger à la main, ces corrections devant une fois de plus être saisies par les typographes etc. Et elle payait l’impression de la revue. Tous ces frais qui justifiaient le prix d’un abonnement ont disparu aujourd’hui. Les revues tournent presque complètement sur base du travail payé par les fonds publics. Elles se font payer grassement pour un minimum de travail. C’est vraiment de l’arnaque. ... June negotiates a truce in the Waterfords’ fractured relationship. • the rock cycle and the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks Christine Krumpholz We thank the reviewers for their interest in the computational methods used for our coverage calculations. Python includes a set data type to store unordered collections with no duplicate elements. Set operations enable efficient membership testing and intersection with other sets. As a result, we do not need to apply a list intersection algorithm, as described by the reviewers, that would scale quadratically due to nested iteration. Hans Christian Andersen Zinnsoldat • Larivière V, Haustein S, Mongeon P. The oligopoly of academic publishers in the digital era. PLoS One. 2015; 10:e0127502. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0127502. [ PMC free article] [ PubMed] [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar]

Asteroids: Mentioned by Halliday’s business partner, Ogden Morrow. Alive; active • MX Player • 15:38 Nominated • Complaints

• Organizational Management Qtake Video Assist Operator The European Commission included Sci-Hub in its "Piracy Watch List". [36] Website [ edit ] qc artist c:\windows\system32\webio.dll Language • "Sci-Hub/LibGen in Blogs and the Media (PDF)" Stephen Reid McLaughlin, March 2016 • Free-software license Ofsamuel • February 2017 window.modules["641"] = [function(require,module,exports){"use strict";Object.defineProperty(exports,"__esModule",{value:!0}),exports.default=function(e){return e=unmatchedRightQuotes(e=unmatchedLeftQuotes(e=appendPlurals(e=appendWhitelist(e=quote(e=specialCase(e=inWord(e=prependDecades(e=prependWhitelist(e)))))))))};var a="’",l="‘",r="’";function prependWhitelist(e){return e.replace(/'(tis|twas)/gi,a+"$1")}function prependDecades(e){return e.replace(/'(\d0s)/gi,a+"$1")}function inWord(e){return e.replace(/(\S)'(\S)/gi,"$1"+a+"$2").replace(/(\S)'(\S)/gi,"$1"+a+"$2")}function specialCase(e){return e.replace(/'(n)'/gi,a+"$1"+a)}function quote(e){return e.replace(/(^|\s)(?:"(.*?)"|'(.*?[^(?:o|ol|s)])')(\s|$)/,"$1"+l+"$2$3"+r+"$4")}function appendWhitelist(e){return e.replace(/(o|ol)'/gi,"$1"+a)}function appendPlurals(e){return e.replace(/(s)'(\s|$)/gi,"$1"+a+"$2")}function unmatchedLeftQuotes(e){return e.replace(/(^|\s)['"](.*?)/gi,"$1"+l+"$2")}function unmatchedRightQuotes(e){return e.replace(/(.*?)['"](\s|$)/gi,"$1"+r+"$2")}module.exports=exports.default;

Sign-up to read more An Interview With the Iron Giant About Where He’s Been All These Years • XII Jezebels Seeds Edit c:\windows\system32\profapi.dll Comme d’habitude, il faut interdire au peuple la connaissance . Il ne manquerait plus que la population puisse avoir accès à la science !! Et quoi encore ? Qu’il puisse se soigner par lui même , se nourrir par lui même, se procurer de l’énergie par lui même ? C’est la perte du pouvoir assurée. . Dark Web Security Guide American Cinema Editors Awards The Waterfords arrive looking for June. When they enter, Fred calls out to Commander MacKenzie and his wife. Serena runs upstairs, and notices the clothing armoirs have been uncovered. She sees June's cloak and head cover, and runs downstairs show it to Fred. Serena and Fred argue over June. Serena blames him for them running off together. He says Nick would not be that disloyal, and that he let June see her daughter, which he believes would have made her grateful. Serena tells him he is stupid and that they hate him, which is why June keeps running away from him. • September 2018

c:\windows\system32\explorerframe.dll TV series • Logan CJ. We can shift academic culture through publishing choices. F1000Research. 2017; 6:518. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.11415.1. [ PMC free article] [ PubMed] [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar] • The Americans (2018) 91% • Cookies Settings Next, we investigated coverage based on the year an article was published ( Figure 6). For most years since 1850, annual coverage is between 60–80%. However, there is a dropoff in coverage, starting in 2010, for recently published articles. For example, 2016 coverage was 56.0% and 2017 coverage (for part of the year) was 45.3%. One factor is that it can take some time for Sci-Hub to retrieve articles following their publication, as many articles are not downloaded until requested by a user. Another possible factor is that some publishers are now deploying more aggressive measures to deter unauthorized article downloads ( Rovner, 2014; Becker, 2016), making recent articles less accessible. Pages Outstanding Drama Series Yvonne Strahovski Marvel’s Luke Cage • Douglas Rushkoff • OAI service Joshua Min June Osborne, renamed Offred ( Elisabeth Moss), is the Handmaid assigned to the home of the Gileadan Commander Fred Waterford ( Joseph Fiennes) and his wife Serena Joy ( Yvonne Strahovski). The Waterfords, key players in the formation and rise of Gilead, struggle with the realities of the society they helped create. Altogether, June has landed herself in a very difficult position, but her decision absolutely makes sense in terms of her character arc, and may actually be her only hope of getting Hannah out of Gilead. • Previous Blindspot EducationPlannerBC retweeted Pupils should be introduced to the basic needs of animals for survival, as well as the importance of exercise and nutrition for humans. They should also be introduced to the processes of reproduction and growth in animals. The focus at this stage should be on questions that help pupils to recognise growth; they should not be expected to understand how reproduction occurs. Photoreal or Animated Project ... Keith Dawson • The Genome Scientist c:\windows\system32\wininet.dll ... • 1989: L.A. Law Top 10 TV Programs of the Year • 3. Photosensitive field emission study of SnS2 nanosheets 2991 downloads • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability These opportunities for working scientifically should be provided across years 5 and 6 so that the expectations in the programme of study can be met by the end of year 6. Pupils are not expected to cover each aspect for every area of study. Year 5 programme of study Living things and their habitats • October 2007 c:\program files\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe 8Next : sex. Who can have it, how often, under what circumstances and with whom ? In the utopia, proposed as the good society, free love tends to be a motif. Sex tends to get spread around quite a lot. In the dystopia, the bad form, it’s often eliminated, and always controlled, and in real life, dictatorships such as that in Romania before the fall of the Wall, do tend to take quite an interest in this area. In Nazi Germany there were laws as to who could have sex with whom. Linked to that is reproduction, which is not the same thing : who can reproduce and under what circumstances and with whom ? There was something called the eugenics movement in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century society which very much tried to control who could have babies and what kind of babies. So it’s a motif in real life and it’s also very much one in the literary form. In Brave New World, if you’ve read that book, you’ll recall that birth is obsolete, babies come from bottles, and if there’s something a bit strange about you it’s because somebody has put the wrong thing in your bottle. Sam Gain-Emery window.modules["100"] = [function(require,module,exports){var baseSet=require(856);function set(e,t,r){return null==e?e:baseSet(e,t,r)}module.exports=set; • WebRTC • Ethics David Marjanović Says: lead compositor • Developed by Netro42 • ^ Shager, Nick. "How is Steven Spielberg going to make a great movie out of this god-awful book?". The Daily Beast . Retrieved December 30, 2019. • Diversity • - Documentaries • ^ Ernesto Van der Sar (31 March 2019). "French ISPs Ordered to Block Sci-Hub and LibGen". TorrentFreak. Archived from the original on 6 April 2019 . Retrieved 9 April 2019. And yet, things with Sci-Hub keep getting dumber. After it lost the lawsuit Elsevier filed against it, the American Chemical Society jumped in to file a copy cat lawsuit. The issue last month was our surprise that a magistrate judge recommended an injunction against third parties who were not parties to the lawsuit, demanding that they block all access to Sci-Hub. This could impact tons of ISPs, search engines, domain registrars and more. On Friday, amazingly, the Title III judge on the case, Judge Leonie Brinkema, more or less went with the magistrate's recommendations, with one slight change. You can see the order and injunction either at those links, or embedded below. If The NY Times Doesn't Publish My OpEd On Why James Bennet Is An Incompetent Dweeb, It Must Hate Free Speech (111) close seen. After this piece was picked up by Boing Boing, Tom Reller of Elsevier sent the following and requested I add it to this piece: • December 2016 [109] ... c:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-downlevel-user32-l1-1-0.dll ... senior generalist: ILM c:\windows\system32\gdi32.dll 9. Pupils should be taught to: This is not true. Your ISP can in theory route the requested address to whatever they want. In the Netherlands TPB is blocked and my ISP returns a 200 status code which shows their blocking landing page. Other ISPs give a 30x redirect to their domain. [120] • Helen (TV series) (TBC) assistant sound editor ... Arvid Schneider Kirsten Franson Samuel Gonon c:\windows\system32\evr.dll Old: Stephen D. Bowline • ^ Craven, TinaMarie (August 27, 2019). "The Handmaid's Tale' returns with a ruthless third season". The Ridgefield Press . Retrieved February 28, 2020. The Handmaid’s Tale certainly amped up the tragedy porn aspect of the series, episode after episode beats down the viewer, leaving them gutted and disheartened. Duke Nukem: Title character seen as an avatar in a battle royale. • Store adr assistant (uncredited) • Bodó B. Libraries in the Post-Scarcity Era. In: Porsdam H, editor. Copyrighting Creativity. Routledge; 2015. [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar] • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) - 12.0.30501 (12.0.30501.0) Sign-up to read more ... ... Learn more: what are the differences between the Dark Web and the Deep Web • About Wikipedia This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Millions of academic papers have been made available online after a Russian neuroscientist set up a website offering them for free. The Great British Baking Show • V Nap Duncan Blackman Heavy financial penalties, and the loss of publishing in that journal. You often sign an agreement giving them ownership over the paper, or exclusive licensing to publish the work. Many heavy handed journals/publishers (*cough* Elsevier *cough*) demand you sign over rights to essentially all copies, meaning you can’t share pre-print copies even. The issue is like a Christian School not teaching the Ten Commandments or other laws. Doesn’t make any common sense to me other than a range of criminal conspiracy by gross frauds and cheats compounding and concealing their racketeering/RICO. Kind of like taking away the ability to be admitted to the bar association with a Bachelors of Law in the U.S. even though we are barred from birth once we exert our Pro-Se Rights. Seems the bar association is a continuing criminal enterprise and maybe even war criminals in some juris… especially with the attorney privileges that are not a Right to only attorneys. • OpenNap c:\windows\system32\msctf.dll Publish or perish and the impact factor culture is ruining science. I hope there is still light at the end of tunnel with people like Ms. Elbakyan. One can always use the following methods to get a paper in that particular order: “Sometimes it happens straight out of high school, sometimes it happens after a few years in the workforce, sometimes it happens later in life,” he explained. “The beauty of this program is that the full information is available to everybody, so it takes away a lot of the mysteries and rumours and gossip, because everybody has the same full suite of information. c:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-downlevel-version-l1-1-0.dll c:\windows\system32\crypt32.dll ... 1960s Household Edit O. T. Fagbenle • compare materials based on their properties of hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity and response to magnets. • April 2017 DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. • Powell K. Does it take too long to publish research? Nature. 2016; 530:148–151. doi: 10.1038/530148a. [ PubMed] [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar] • The Handmaid's Tale (2017) Hidden categories: ... Ian Richard Marshall I like your analogy to music, but I don’t see the per-article charge amounts as making sense. Let’s say a journal publishes 10 articles each issue, and publishes 10 issues. If they charged $35 per individual article, and someone bought every article, they’d spend $3500–probably more than the subscription is worth. But if every article were $5 (more than double your suggestion), if someone bought all the articles, they’d only spend $500–probably far less than a subscription. I suppose if you excluded libraries/organizations from partaking in individual sales, you could definitely get away with lowering the price a great deal, but otherwise it could be sen as a “shortcut” for getting the same amount of content at a much lower fee. • - Music Paul Elliot and Ewa Latak-Cynk Photosynthesis Science Daily Medical News http://zerobinqmdqd236y.onion/ Outstanding Original Score for a Television or Streaming Production EducationPlannerBC retweeted • software In Gilead, Handmaids are fertile women, who are supposed to be impregnated by Commanders or Angels whose Wives are infertile, thus providing them with children. Only high ranking men - such as Commanders - are allowed to have a Handmaid assigned to them. Handmaids are not supposed to have identities; they are forbidden to use their real names and are given new names whenever they are assigned to a new Commander. Their name consists of the word 'of', coupled with the first name of their Commander; for example 'of-Fred' = Offred, 'of-Glen' = Ofglen, 'of-George' = Ofgeorge, 'of-Benjamin' = Ofbenjamin, 'of-Christopher' = Ofchristopher, 'of-Kyle' = Ofkyle, 'of-Jackson' = Ofjackson, 'of-Joseph' = Ofjoseph, 'of-Martin' = Ofmartin, 'of-Andrew' = Ofandrew, 'of-Julian' = Ofjulian, and 'of-Linus' = Oflinus etc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ay 16, 2018 ( 2018-05-16) • Isaiah Smith While he began as an early member of the Sons of Jacob, he does not appear to share the same beliefs as Gilead. As a victim of poverty, his ideals made him a prime target for recruitment. [8] He keeps his head down and navigates the politics of his position strategically. But he became very disillusioned after witnessing Waterford's first Handmaid commit suicide, so much so that he joins the Eyes deceitfully as the only way to use Gilead's system against its own. [8] • biological 10:46 • A 3. The Internet. • ^ a b Tartaglione, Nancy (April 29, 2018). " 'Avengers: Infinity War's $630M Global Bow Sets All-Time Record – International Box Office". Deadline Hollywood. Penske Business Media. Archived from the original on May 1, 2018 . Retrieved April 29, 2018. • • Angrezi Medium Review He's so used to these trappings of authority—the desk, the double-breasted suit, the committees, the power—that he feels slightly affronted by Luke in that scene, by his forceful presence. He can't help but taunt him. Also, I think Fred genuinely does feel that June has changed, just through being brutalized and being forced to evolve in a way that might reveal an uglier part of her persona. Fred is cognizant of that, and off the back of Luke saying, "You're gonna rot in this jail knowing your wife betrayed you," he can't resist turning it back on him. The message is, "Yes, I didn't know Serena could deceive me in this way, but if you meet your wife again, Luke, she may not be the person you once knew either." It's both an honest response to the question and a taunt. And he has this weird possessive thing with June, where he clearly likes the idea that he's made his mark. Lena Waithe Ella McEwan "Baggage" c:\windows\system32\kernelbase.dll • OL_2_LFR___ Best Sci Fi Shows On Netflix Right Now Companies: sci-hub • Sustainability Cricket Jeremy Patterson 0F0000000100000020000000C4317DB709496F89FF93419EBD8D954253F4BA9D5B33A50FEBDB9D76CE48BC54030000000100000014000000F138A330A4EA986BEB520BB11035876EFB9D7F1C7E00000001000000080000000040D10FFC47D5011D00000001000000100000001BE2D3EF417A9BB3D419D88BA8FDB0F61400000001000000140000002B232060BD2D8A8847ACAD2BBE0239BA98D4EC980B000000010000001E0000004400690067006900640065006E0074006900740079002000420056000000620000000100000020000000417DCF3180F4ED1A3747ACF1179316CD48CB05C5788435168AED98C98CDCB61509000000010000003E000000303C06082B0601050507030106082B0601050507030206082B0601050507030406082B0601050507030806082B0601050507030306082B060105050703092000000001000000A5050000308205A130820389A003020102020101300D06092A864886F70D01010B0500304E310B3009060355040613024E4C31193017060355040A13104469676964656E7469747920422E562E312430220603550403131B4469676964656E74697479204C3320526F6F74204341202D204732301E170D3131303432393130343431395A170D3331313131303130343431395A304E310B3009060355040613024E4C31193017060355040A13104469676964656E7469747920422E562E312430220603550403131B4469676964656E74697479204C3320526F6F74204341202D20473230820222300D06092A864886F70D01010105000382020F003082020A0282020100B811A345DE0147560D62B88EBA58665CFA32C66B806EB87FF853DF7EDF62A8C1574F9A4525C84A452D533824B320AC4FEAADFF9A10AF7FE20ECAB40E242591CE768E10A92F9953A7904B048B6D7AB9411BD301798C9F416BB990D781121A0796D009AFE9E46A215380B8869E626843ADB36A15FAF66D03326A35B1501348C77AB521139C049CDA93F96A2BC1A718FDF6C07E59F6FBE70E11B5DC23EA1CEF670557CE17E9F17BB1D132248CCF65E7D4BC3619707CA22721D680D22D154F4AB5E055909551932180F39C441FFF1D5555E4E21011941653D0FEAFF3EF97BA46E2775BCBD6A2591188A6E75541C392651D231462147F257220F6A487296F07FCFEE0D018D297F9148E36C6E80C1897F1761CF424DAE34AF9B74C121967F3F0E153FB5DE4C074635F25910AD93EF433ACE40B755FCEE698BC540D9DA231C515545D221C8B3A54A60DD1D7233AAC3EAA4A1764762D0DFB54E5EB823C3941439DE1AE7960CF66EEC771837B0C6B09DB9EA24D4E469368B7FA67E1DABFDF9180DAA3A289AD5E6CCC4B7775646F8D24E388880BE33FE9BFA7E556620D837FBD6A61C89089785B0CAF122AE293AD64E7D9452EF6B0C8AB45EE70386FBB353E16FEAB9EC3662FF3BE0960D56F80BD4DDBAF8DFE0C60336B0FE89D6BC430779F2C5038D09869EC37E89E0FE462EAFAFF114454D9EFCD9375914CE18965A694B953F9F94963C50203010001A38189308186300F0603551D130101FF040530030101FF300E0603551D0F0101FF040403020106301D0603551D0E041604142B232060BD2D8A8847ACAD2BBE0239BA98D4EC9830440603551D20043D303B30390604551D20003031302F06082B060105050702011623687474703A2F2F706B692E6469676964656E746974792E65752F76616C696461746965300D06092A864886F70D01010B05000382020100A9FDEFBA8F1B7E3212671D410D2DA68BCFF2F4AD56787E0A98D89BA8D1B44B2C26ACE4D27F6737BD098DE5B973113A6E09C75764072134F80E5D2AD8917CF15451BC9CF00C6A42F43C014E9345413DACF3984B1E711E335932FF7C30F05CE4E1BE2D2EB5EADD62210E3DB40D95FCC9B8D9BAA0F762A7EDC303AE082C41D5EF437138B71472AE3FF4147447D8DE8C5179CEEFB154AC7047967E2D2EDD9BEEA1012E19EFBE5860712DAD975B5A6030CB3282624E56E5676AB4D23154723F02D0BC30398FB743092A1F263B0CC77C1D9B8060840EE92ED2F915BB5BE08AA400E9E329FB285BBD364560214331FF70A15F5C835B977C0DB75359EC98B54EE229B1D47C46E3E8E343EA3A96351F53F1041625E32CF368A1A691DF15FBBD9FE64E9EC2546B7E2257E3A49C5C22251F81AF99C8DF11154843F8B333A9237F0E338FBC461D43B43B60F5978519A216B055DC1A702965DAD97E091734EB89BAE96192D8DE34633C4A556ABFDA86EDCE33DEBB536FCF1CDA944F7654AC655510539AC8B86BDC06E6BAE551D5417F1FC4C041A1609134F31382D1A177D3F74CE419FFD7449AB0B5BCDCCA5E8FDCCEF1A06936E044922E99FABCAFB3C7783A5566C76BA5E46926E9341D1F2A970AE977A9775B73483281BFFFD1EC83C57083699E981BC357DF91951C80FC8DE8968305D39F7A887BFAE857F1C18428BDCDD61CCCA5E2490A73 Cenk here, I’m the guy behind the site that received the cease and desist, Citationsy ( And for the end, a slice of something completely different. Some of the more famous Tor websites are about exploring the tunnels in American universities. • Seattle Catherine Heys • Commons-based peer production Active Mandy June Turpin 0F000000010000002000000063122EBB44D6B2FA64EDDD452BFAD472453751CEFDA9F645E23999FF25AB7D67030000000100000014000000D99B104298594763F0B9A927B79269CB47DD158B1D0000000100000010000000D37ABD896EF0A9F450114D2B5F041ED5140000000100000014000000725BBAAA7238EE259024B59422FA0988CA8B0AFB53000000010000001F000000301D301B060567810C010130123010060A2B0601040182373C0101030200C06200000001000000200000001E51942B84FD467BF77D1C89DA241C04254DC8F3EF4C22451FE7A89978BDCD4F09000000010000004C000000304A06082B0601050507030106082B0601050507030206082B0601050507030406082B0601050507030306082B06010505070308060A2B0601040182370A0304060A2B0601040182370A030C0B000000010000004E000000650050004B004900200052006F006F0074002000430065007200740069006600690063006100740069006F006E00200041007500740068006F00720069007400790020002D002000470032000000200000000100000097050000308205933082037BA003020102021100D6962EC10A159312AF8F63BCD444C95B300D06092A864886F70D01010B05003063310B300906035504061302545731233021060355040A0C1A4368756E676877612054656C65636F6D20436F2E2C204C74642E312F302D06035504030C2665504B4920526F6F742043657274696669636174696F6E20417574686F72697479202D204732301E170D3135313131373038323334325A170D3337313233313135353935395A3063310B300906035504061302545731233021060355040A0C1A4368756E676877612054656C65636F6D20436F2E2C204C74642E312F302D06035504030C2665504B4920526F6F742043657274696669636174696F6E20417574686F72697479202D20473230820222300D06092A864886F70D01010105000382020F003082020A0282020100A4591FA02FDFBEE0FBE9DCB589FE5A9703C93A77A78E5CAFF2E31839F5AADD0F46D2680F579CA76360D358CE35C2A7F688C24F7F1B28E9D0A700C4174D6DE20FC50E262320ABF73A28A24C0A0BCC8ECEE6009A5A400DD4501A9BD10D9C94F9DBEE5CD0F18A07CD9A2B402C49A45D625FA76BDFEE560850F342186C31B05EE59C7392BC0ED20C7DC53857BCBB58DB261902EDE343848A4E566BDBADA131D9CC22679678FF779DCC64C532206AEF4E30D52425FD8879AF711AFED54B1B1588BC1870AABDAD380A663046E58985D57624A9A9B3E659600FB4A953C23A9D451AD6AEE3775EC46236332F30C4BF95F12D38A575E8D16A932E45874B4AA2DFBF58279ACA6219AA5ED4B1804996DD2BEC5F8F9BE09D9788F58403A3AFB3A5732D41BAE507B76F6B71F7F7C95AAF6999B32FC84F42EB6C6B716778DF0AAC4FD74A8500461AD5CDB89FEA959D0F7CD1C60585E608DE881781F6D5B56EEAA11CD761AAE35942899C597EB17C6434DD61232A39B510ABFC86A9531AC5EB6AE2804E5991C03889FEB35DD6FB91E9D7B07DD97808CCF52BCC2BE1A1D69473C1FE51F48C7D0AB59A8AB9F5DAE0C9B3D88FAA82838D69532DFD0004184AA0DA54E1798C89EB7FF582E7A0B9774DAEF9BA023B8876EB7C5DB35A13DB7C29166B99D11DE44821A20D5E0188E8BEF1984D3EC716571C5FE1086F1C4C584356F780658C710EA204674F0203010001A3423040300F0603551D130101FF040530030101FF301D0603551D0E04160414725BBAAA7238EE259024B59422FA0988CA8B0AFB300E0603551D0F0101FF040403020106300D06092A864886F70D01010B0500038202010006A3F1B67355C6676621E59D5BD6942E4A2260F2540190A1FDB5BFC095BF185F2CF66B350EFC31C8ED440E9297DCAFDD56CFB51FBA729C30C89BB191C07677D40F1A951AE94D1488A1CF6B02A66AEB64454D648DDEFCEB6CF25309A1855115D04F9E62FA11B9CEC8240E726488753423302A3FBC3C39CCCCDD0B36BBBD06828F1201C57105D124A1996CCAE4F7AAED8AD7A70AADAFF0E080BBA1B23F5A87647086337B0D1ED7008683439775F53BC148FDB60E43A8026EB83E7F8F4EE25DB47D9E30342FA8F1EB2787680D5A0A4D01DBC9145895F29A4D16AA73DBF425881738B7AF590909B41F2D0FABF5B82755EE453033B8ED1B8EBC886CAFF85A2A6BE0ACB10524A109FCA30FF3B02D7B96BAB6940715458E29DC580EA905D83B3AA07BCD8AC7668297CFD633E067FCA6DB402F05E5C58B7A2A7AF0B0369B0C18F637E941A1FDB128F96F6BBDEB1F4C63717B50DD29F2FFEEF7C7455FE8360AE86C5B22C3E8C0E726DCE3A89580E5B93A13DB004B1AFDAE33477E7894E3B15D2BB556B5428B9F81C5FC934C10B5BA0ABC7E37E3FA546DF504C570B3A904D251D785CD7D6F438F5968E531561171F964290913FED01FBC8B0038B2D0CA3456761039567366C3D149D9BE574F3F167D6A78B7A882B85BCEAE858A0A420C03D117C418F7D85788C682B807B93EFDA4E92EDC6FBA9092EE65B05034D307DA01970FBCE773827B • software special effects technician To his surprise, the post went viral — and spurred a boycott of Elsevier by researchers around the world. Within days, hundreds of researchers left comments commiserating with Gowers, a winner of the prestigious Fields Medal. Encouraged by that response, in 2016, Gowers launched a new online mathematics journal called Discrete Analysis . The nonprofit venture is owned and published by a team of scholars. With no publisher middlemen, access is completely free for all. Jennifer Briggs c:\windows\system32\dbghelp.dll Clips (0) 2 Lillie Fuller Why would you infer that those quoted are gaining any kind of advantage at all over their competitors? Did your exhaustive research give you insight into competing firms’ practices for accessing scholarly publications?